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At Britannia MOT & Repair Centre, we now offer repairs and servicing for electric and plug-in Hybrid vehicles at our workshop in Aylesford, with our technicians having completed a level 3 IMI approved Hybrid vehicle training course. Our team is qualified, and our workshop is equipped with all the tools and technology required to repair and service all makes and models of electric and hybrid vehicles. You can be safe in the knowledge that at Britannia MOT & Repair Centre, your electric or hybrid car is in good hands.

Electric cars have fewer moving parts that can go wrong so they are generally easier and cheaper to maintain than a traditional car however, it can be tricky to find a garage with technicians who are qualified and experienced to work on electric vehicles. Luckily for you, you’ve found Britannia MOT & Repair Centre.

We’ve invested heavily in equipping our workshop in Aylesford, and in training our team to ensure that we can offer you standards of service and workmanship that stand out above the rest. We can pinpoint and fix any issues with your electric car quickly and accurately and are happy to repair and service all makes and models of electric cars.

At Britannia MOT & Repair Centre, we run a good, honest garage that customers are confident to bring their cars back to year after year. Our team are well trained, experienced and hardworking and will always greet you with a smile. And for our customers’ extra peace of mind, we are now proud members of the Trust My Garage network of quality, local garages. who audit us annually to make sure that we keep up the high standards that we have committed to and that our customers should expect.

To find out more about Electric Car Repairs & Servicing in Aylesford, contact us online or call us directly on 01622 718888

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Are electric cars cheaper to maintain?

Electric vehicles have fewer moving parts that can go wrong so are generally cheaper to maintain than a traditional car.

Are electric cars reliable?

Yes, as electric cars are much simpler vehicles than conventional cars, they generally break down less.

Do I still have to pay congestion charges?

No, electric vehicles are exempt from urban congestion charges so you don’t have to pay anything.

Do I still have to pay road tax?

No, you don’t have to be pay road tax because your electric car doesn’t give off any exhaust emissions.

How long does it take to charge an electric car?

It will depend on the size of the battery and on the charger you use.

How far can I drive in one battery charge?

Most electric cars have a range of about 130 miles although some can go a lot further. As technology improves, the distance of one battery charge will increase.

How long is the battery life?

You can expect the battery life to be about ten years although its capacity will have reduced by that time.

Can I charge my electric car at home?

Yes, once you’ve had a charging point installed this will probably be the most convenient way to charge your electric car.

Where can I charge my electric car?

You can charge your car when you park in public places such as supermarkets, gyms, cinemas, retail parks and town-centre car parks.

Does an electric car need a regular MOT?

Yes, as with petrol and diesel cars, electric cars will need an MOT after they are three years old however, the difference is that they don’t need emissions tests.

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